A wonderful reggae-ish wedding in Jogja

Lots of Indonesian weddings are to be avoided for the interminable boredom amid the untramelled ostentation of the couple, or to be more precise, the couple’s parents.

Thankfully, though, not all weddings are alike and Unspun accompanied by the missus and Litte Unspun had a fabulous time at the very tasteful, entertaining and heartwarming of Reggae personality Tony Q and his bride, Kate, in Jogjakarta over the weekend.

The reception was held at Sasanti Restaurant and Gallery, near the Grand Hyatt. It was held outdoors where there was a shallow pool and a stage toward the end of the compound.

The guests were a mix of Indonesians and Australians and the beauty of the event was its tastefulness and simplicity, with a dedication for everyone to party and have a great time to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

The handsome and happy couple

There was good food and, of course, good music, some of which was provided by Tony himself. There was also a family friend, the famous Tukul, who wasn’t bad at all singing Raggae.

As when famous people meet Unspun, Tukul asked for a photograph so my friend Dave and I obliged him (well, it didn’t happen that way – rather the opposite – but its a good yarn to spin).

Comedians are we

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