Arrested development site turns color

Organizations usually make an announcement when they re-brand, embark on a new direction or have something noteworthy to announce. Not so Jakchat, the home of adolescent locker room humor among Jalan Jaksa-, editor and English teacher-type bules and their real or imagined hangers-on.

Self-billed as “a free, robust, no-holds-barred web forum, with as little censorship as possible it is nonetheless the home for bules with axes to grind against Indonesians, Asians and their fellow bules who have done well in life. Unspun would not recommend visiting it, unless for the occasional foray into the Heart of Dimness to see how low the human spirit and wit could sink to.

This morning Unspun received this email announcement from them. Go to the site and see what I mean.


JakChat has turned blue!

After nearly 5 years of “Circus Yellow”, JakChat has moved with the times and restyled the entire site. Blue now Rules at JakChat!

(The JakChat_Classic Yellow style still available for you die-hard, hold-out, incorrigible nostalgics.)

JakChat remains a free, robust, no-holds-barred web forum, with as little censorship as possible.

However, we have tightened up when it comes to personal abuse. Users are encouraged to “play the ball, not the man”. (But if you can’t say something useful, then at least say something funny!)

So if you haven’t dropped into the site for a while, now is a great time to check out the changes!

JakChat: Forums and chat for Indonesia’s English-speaking community.

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