The Hell Going on in Indonesia

This is yet another story that confirms that Indonesia is where the action is when it comes to IT and social media and how it is doing it on its own terms.

Not for this country the government pampering and guidance like in Malaysia with its attempts at establishing an IT Super Corridor but its home grown ragtage, collegial, tech warriors who are quietly and slowly building up startups virtually on their own.

Unspun guesses the pace will pick up now, especially after Yahoo has acquired Koprol. Over the past two months alone executives from Google and Mozilla, to say the least have been in Indonesia, meeting the local community and sniffing around. Will 2010 shape up to be the year that the World wakes up to Indonesia’s online community?

Maybe, but one thing is for sure – it is progressively easier to attract sponsors to Pesta Blogger than when we first started in 2007. With the adaptation of the event to Pesta Blogger + this year, that attempts to be more inclusive of the users of other social platforms and other online communities apart from bloggers, the event should prove interesting, to say the least.

(via Budi Putra)

What the Hell Is Going on in Indonesia?

From Silicon Valley to New York, from India to South Africa one question keeps popping up in the mind of Web and mobile Web entrepreneurs: What the hell is going on in Indonesia?

Having matured from its early 2000s Internet obsession with Friendster, it seems Indonesia has become something of a Web force, embracing everything from Facebook to Foursquare catching people off guard with some uncommon swarms. We wrote about an obscure Indonesian awards show taking over Twitter back in March, and on May 6, Indonesians flocking to see Iron Man 2 won their first Super Swarm badge on FourSquare—something US Web addicts usually only earn at large events like SXSW.

I’d like to say I hunted down some impressive Internet entrepreneurs during my current trip to Indonesia to ask them exactly what was going on here, but really they found me. (Just another sign of their Web savvy.) I had dinner with some of them in Jakarta last week, and they’re photographed above. They include (from left to right) Leontinus Alpha Edison of Tokopedia, an ecommerce platform; Eduardus Christmas of still-in-progress Evolitera; Rama Mamuaya, creator of the local blog DailySocial; Selina Limman of, a local review site; Satya Witoelar of, a location-based social network just acquired by Yahoo and Andrew Darwis of Kaskus, a forum and classifieds portal.

Read more: What the Hell Is Going on in Indonesia?.

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