Can Indonesians rig Fast Company’s Influence Project?

Indonesian onliners have been known to do great feats in the past. They have dominated the trending topic on Twitter, raised much cash for the downtrodden like Prita Mulyasari, forced wayward Ministers to retract strange legislation , led the Asia in Facebook growth and other notable achievements.

Unspun wonders if, collectively, Indonesian onliners can rig the interesting project that Fast Company has to determine the most influential person online. The mechanics of the project is that you register on their website and get a unique URL. Anytime someone clicks to that URL to get to the Fast Company Influence Project, you get credited with brownie points for being influential. (for instance if you click this link Unspun gets more influential) You can also use Facebook and Twitter to amplify your influence. Its all very clever and in a nutshell the person with the most points win.

Out of curiosity Unspun‘s registered on that website and it says that Unspun’s influence is at the “92 percentile.” What it does not tell Unspun is whether 92 percent of the others registered is above or below Unspun in influential mojo.

Whatever the lie of the land Unspun’s not that influential to climb high in the Fast Company rankings but someone like Enda, Ndoro Kakung or even might and Unspun wonders if we should all pool our resources to propel one of them to the top of the Fast Company Influence charts for the lark of it, and also to show them how much of a force Indonesian onliners can be.

So who to end to the top of Fast Company’s Influence Project?

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