Pesta Blogger: To party or not to party?

A rather spirited conversation has cropped up in the Indonesian blogosphere over Pesta Blogger+ 2010 after Solo blogger Blontank Poer questioned the purpose and the running of the national event for bloggers in a post entitled Its not a question of the party (Bukan Soal Pestanya).

In a rambling post that, among other things, evoked the Indonesian struggle between farmers and nobles (petani dan bangsawan)and probably the spirit of Karl Marx and Woodstock, the author essentially said that Pesta Blogger was not worth going to or participating in. Among the reasons he gave were that some members of the Pesta Blogger committee were stand-offish, the “celebrity bloggers” were elitist and that the event did not try to address some of the ills of the country.

His posting has attracted many diverse views. At last count there were over a hundred comments, some agreeing and some disagreeing with Blontank Poer.

Blontank: Party Pooper?

The conversation got even more spirited yesterday when Iman Brotoseno, who was Pesta Blogger chairman last year and was once too a critic of Pesta Blogger waded into the fray with his posting There is Nothing Wrong with Partying (Tak ada yang salah dengan Pesta). Iman’s view is that Pesta Blogger was set up and meant to continue as a Pesta, a party, where bloggers can meet, celebrate their common pastime and chill. So its critics should relax and not try to push their own agendas and angst on Pesta Blogger.

Iman: Party Animal?

The entry was posted only yesterday and has attracted 20 comments so far.

Where will this particular conversation go? It remains to be seen. Perhaps it is fitting that the theme of this year’s Pesta Blogger is Celebrating Diversities. Let a hundred flowers bloom.

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  1. I used to be a party “gate crasher” in the past, so I think that there’s nothing wrong with partying.

    But if PB organizer wants an “all inclusive” gathering of Indonesian bloggers, they should pay attention to what the Solo man said and never forget that bloggers in Indonesia not only reside in Jakarta and vicinity.

    In order to avoid further misconception of the event,
    maybe the word “Pesta” can be changed to Festival or whatever.


  2. Never visited any of these glorious events since I am just a distant observer. But while trying to understand the background of this discussion I came across one of your own interesting post:

    Back in 2007 you were still deliberating about calling the event as “Party”. In the end contend with it, considering that it was just to get things started. Quoting your own comment: It was meant to be a start of something bigger, and better than just a party.

    Even the party animal (funny caption in the picture :LOL:) himself said: blogging has to give any contribution to its community, nation, …have more sense of crisis of the nations.

    IMO parts of what mas Poer said was an echo of what both you and mas Iman already had considered back in 2007.

    Though I am quite sure that the event is already not just an ordinary party, but perhaps it is time for it to grow even more, into something bigger, better as you’ve said back in 2007 🙂


  3. I made an earlier comment containing link to an old Unspun post in this blog, titled PB 2007 is underway, where Unspun and mas Iman were still deliberating about calling the event a party. I think that comment was considered as a spam because of the link :).


    1. @Wongiseng: Rescued your comment from Akismet :).

      You are right, looking back I don’t think any of us had any idea how far Pesta Blogger would have grown.

      But my thoughts have changed a bit since. I think the blogging scene in Indonesia has since evolved and grown into a vibrant force that can stand on its own and then some. As such the Pesta Blogger committee should probably remain as facilitators and set the stage for bloggers (and other onliners) to do their thing.

      This is what we are considering for this year’s Pesta Blogger – to have very few central events and to open up corners for whomever is interested to conduct their own breakout workshops. Something like the Edinburgh Festival.

      The problem with organizing something as high profile as Pesta Blogger, however, is that its very difficult to balance the demands of everyone. No matter how hard we try, some will be satisfied while others won’t. That’s OK and part of the “cost” of making something happen rather than remain armchair critics.

      Something I’d like to see happen this year, and it depends on whether we can swing it with supporters and sponsors, is to showcase the achievements of Indonesia’s online community. I think its achieved so much in the area of activism and fighting for freedom of expression tat it should become an example for neighboring countries. Game, anyone, to make this happen?


  4. Agree with Imam that there is nothing wrong with “Pesta Blogger”. Just relax and be positive thinking. Nothing wrong to meet blogging friends in real life.


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