Malaysian blogger on APCO’s viability in Malaysia

Unspun doubts if APCO will call it quits in Malaysia as suggested by Malaysian blogger Zorro‘s source. The money is too good.

Still there may be a day when the embarrassment overcomes the money-making impulse. Unspun‘s contended in the past ( here) that APCO’s taken a job to defend the indefensible in this assignment.

The question is where’s the tipping point.

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“APCO is calling it quits,” he sneered.
Before I could speak he continued: “We are beyond repair. Irreparable image if we can call our mess, image . Uncoachable. More like what your friend Wenger J Khairy said:
face to sell to the global community, whether it is for investment or to present the case of the Government vs. Anwar Ibrahim.’”
He gave me no chance and continued: “Back home in the US of A, APCO has lost loads of credibility associating with us. They can’t get a credible blogger to malign DSAI. They got a nondescript hilly-billy instead. Even a hobo or even some street-people in Akron, Ohio, could have made a better attempt. They couldn’t get either NYT, WSJ or Washinton Post to do an op-ed for them. Washington Times did ……at worst a puppy-poo paper!”
“What broke APCO’s back?” I asked.
“That stupid Youtube!”
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