What to do when you’re disgusted with the Police

Unspun thinks that the Indonesia-Malaysia spat is getting very shrill and both sides need to sit down without their professional politicians involved and sort things out.

What’s intriguing is this morning’s story in The Jakarta Globe quoting National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Iskandar Hasan explaining why three protesters belonging to a group calling themselves Bendera, which threw faces faeces during a protest at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta, could not be prosecuted.

clipped from www.thejakartaglobe.com

Three Bendera protesters were arrested during Monday’s rally but were released after less than 24 hours. National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Iskandar Hasan said that despite the offensive nature of their conduct, the protesters could not be charged for throwing feces.

“Everything should be based on legal procedures if we want to name someone a suspect and make an arrest,” he told reporters at his office on Thursday.

“If there is no article to charge them with, then we cannot charge them.”
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If he is right then there is no legal provision whatsoever to charge anyone who throws shit on another person. Unspun’d say that this is great ammunition for protesters who may want to vent their frustrations out at the Police themselves for, say, failure to clean house?

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  1. You made a bit of a spelling error, Mr Unspun. It took my a moment to figure out how they could be “throwing faces” 🙂

    Bendera are full of sh*t anyway, so no wonder they have such a supply of ammunition.


    1. The fact that similar incidents have happened before and nothing much was done to diffuse the mob allow for such incidents to happen yet again now. And the trend indicates that they may well happen again. So those involved must be getting their funding from some malicious party. Who can that be and what motives do they have?

      On Brig Gen. Iskandar Hasan’s assertion that the protestors cannot be charged, perhaps some lawyers can offer their opinions? Naturally we are skeptical of the police’s response.


  2. Throwing sh*t to a person’s house is an extreme insult in Malay culture … and in response to it Anifah said “No need for Indonesia to make an apology.” And if Malaysia can swallow such an insult, Indonesia also has to give a concession by not asking Kuala Lumpur to apologize. Now the score sudah even lah. So, there is a good chance that Bendera might have been funded by Kuala Lumpur. It must have been a very expensive sh*t.


  3. @bayi: I think the interesting question is what is Bandera’s relationship with PDIP where it has it’s HQ; also who in the Police and military is funding it and to what end?


  4. keluarga menjuluki mereka Kethek (monyet dalam bahasa jawa)
    setiap ketemu pasti bilang, “Tu ada kethek!”
    kasian juga ploice yang benar2 mengabdi, kan jadi stereotip.


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