A win-win solution for Indonesia and Malaysia?

The Indonesia-Malaysia relationship seems to be fast spiraling out of control because of dithering governments and over-active militant groups and politicians circling the issue like sharks at the scent of blood.

The situation is deteriorating quickly because acts like the idiots in the clipping below, as well as the ultra idiots Bendera of the faeces throwing notoriety incenses the Malaysians; who then make understandable but aggravating statements like the one where the Indonesian government should keep such groups in check; which then aggravates Indonesians who bristle at what is perceived as another incidence where Malaysia is trying to assert its sense of superiority against Indonesians.

There is, however, an opportunity for both governments to come up with a win-win solution and in the process get rid of the some of themore idiotic elements of their societies. A win-win-win-win solution!

What the government should do is strike a deal. The Indonesian government should prosecute and ban groups like Bandera and the Laska Merah Putih. In return the Malaysian government should ban their own bunch of idiots that come under the banner of RELA. All these groups bring bad repute to their respective countries and cause the public at either side of the straight to harbor ill feelings for each other.

Just think: by banning these groups the Indonesian government would be perceived by the Malaysians as doing something solid toward solving the problem of strained ties; it would be perceived by Indonesians as doing something positive for Indoensians by getting rid of the much hated and despised RELA.

The Malaysian government can claim to Malaysians that it manage to get their Indonesian counterpart to act decisively for a change and it would appease the other races with the dismantling of RELA.

So everyone wins, we can go back to our normal lives and even feel good about our governments. Now, isn’t that a better option than all the petty sniping at each other that, if it gets out of control, would have immense financial, security and safety implications for all of us on both sides of the Malacca Straits?

clipped from www.thejakartaglobe.com
Ultranationalist Mobs Raid Malaysian Banks
Farouk Arnaz & Antara | August 31, 2010

Jakarta. Recent anti-Malaysia sentiment took a criminal twist on Monday when an ultranationalist group stormed into two Malaysian-controlled banks in Makassar, South Sulawesi, and forced their early closure.

Dozens of members of the Red and White Troops (Laskar Merah Putih) broke into a branch of CIMB Niaga bank, which is majority-owned by CIMB, Malaysia’s second-largest financial service provider.

Police and security officers attempted to stop the mob, but were unable to because they were heavily outnumbered.

The demonstrators came on dozens of motorbikes and a pick-up truck to the bank branch located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, news portal Detik.com reported.

The group forced the employees to “declare [their] love for Indonesia” and leave the bank.
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7 thoughts on “A win-win solution for Indonesia and Malaysia?

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  1. This is getting serious. It’s the result of the police not taking the group’s activities seriously. And perhaps this occupation of the banks was also engineered for the ends of certain political groups?


  2. It’s all about politics and could hop into corruption in Indonesia. If conflict gets worse, milytary person will have the biggest benefit, including budgets. Nevertheless, what Bendera did was totally crap! Unfortunately, It doesn’t solve the problem.


  3. Its sad but it’s happening, it has now become a yearly cycle if it is not for this, it will be for something else. Perhaps, just like the great floods of Jakarta, every 5 years.

    Anyway, what is Apco doing? Seriously, Malaysia should consult with you in bi-lateral relations. After all, Jibby have blood relations in Indonesia. No?


    1. “Anyway, what is Apco doing? Seriously, Malaysia should consult with you in bi-lateral relations.”

      Kongkor, I totally agree with you! LOL! And compared to APCO, Unspun is more than affordable.

      Anyway, I believe APCO covers the PR work with the western countries, especially the US. But the Malaysian government is getting crap returns for good money (taxpayers’ money)!


  4. @kongkor @bayi: thanks for the kind words guys but its one of those dilemmas in life. I wouldn’t take on the job unless the conditions for success are there – a minister that would listen to honest advice and to act on it. But no Malaysian minister fits the bill, although they have the bucks. So they employ people who would take their silver although they cannot deliver them the goods because ultimately all PR people are advisers and counselors, coaches more than main players. We can provide strategy, craft the messages, train the spokespersons or ministers but ultimately it is up to them to make themselves sound authentic, authoritative and likeable. The latter is particularly difficult when it comes to Malaysian ministers.LOL


  5. RELA in Malaysia has come under a lot of negative spotlight. Their members don’t have a good reputation and is perceived to have abused their authority in the course of their operations. Valuables are said to have gone missing after their search. They don’t listen to employers and are rough with the employers and their foreign workers. In other words they are perceived to be arrogant.


  6. No, it is not a complete solution.

    Indonesians are angry when their fisheries officer on duty were captured by Malaysia Navy.

    Capturing our officers on duty on their uniform is considered an insult. Especially when you took them to prison, ask them to wear prison suit, force them to sign statement.

    It is not a matter of political anymore. It is more about our national pride. All of us agree that we should be mad. What we disagree are whether we still trust our government to do the diplomacy.

    Ban those radicals will only make people angrier because some people have outcry ‘War’.

    The solution are actually simple:
    1. Both government have to finish as soon as possible the border agreement;

    2. while waiting the agreement finish, the disputed area should be belong both government while no contract given to the third party (i.e. offshore mining) and no exploitation of the disputed area;

    3. both government should have joint investigation team to know what was actually happened between navy, Malaysia fishermen and Indonesia fishery officers.


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