The chaste youth of 1Malaysia

Time was when parents would have a tough time preventing youths from humping each other when their biological clocks release a torrent of hormones into their systems.

This apparently does not happen in Najib’s 1Malaysia though, as this excerpt from a news item in yesterday’s The Star makes clear:

Can you believe the drivel the papers serve up to their poor readers there?

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  1. I don’t necessarily doubt the findings. A recent survey in Australia estimated that little more than half of young people had sex by the time they reach 18. In the US, it is estimated that around 20% of people wait til they are married before having sex. These are both countries in which you’d expect teenagers to be considerably more sexually active than in Malaysia.

    There is often a hysteria about teenagers being sexually active which is not really justified. While certainly there are plenty of them at it, there are usually more who aren’t heard from who don’t have sex, due to lack of interest or lack of opportunity. (Personally I would have gladly had sex in my hamsap teenage years, but the girls weren’t exactly breaking my door down to participate.)

    I guess one key issue would be whether some young people would willingly admit to having had sex, considering the cultural stigma that can sometimes be attached.


  2. i think one of the problems here is our perception of the youth today. are they more promiscuous today than before? definitely. so, would a greater percentage of the youth engage in sex before marriage? i don’t know about what others think but i think so. so a purported study indicating otherwise may not readily sound convincing.

    and i still think the survey results do not reflect the actual ground situation.


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