What Malaysian companies can do to reduce abuse of Indonesian maids

The government can huff and puff but when you come down to it, its pretty difficult to stop mal-adjusted Malaysians from abusing their maids.

Instead of reacting each time an Indonesian maid is abused the Malaysian Government and perhaps Malaysian companies operating in Indonesia should be more proactive to implement preventive measures against abuse of Indonesian workers.

Here’s an idea that the Malaysian companies operating here in a high-profile manner, such as CIMB for instance, may want to fulfil their corporate social responsibility:

Form a help bureau in Malaysia that provides 1. Legal aid and advice to Indonesian workers who may need help, 2. mediate between Malaysian employers and Indonesian employees in the event of a dispute and 3. provide Malaysian employers training on how to manage others (many of the employers, after all, have had no experience managing people, let alone people of a different culture and mother tongue).

If the companies can do this they would insulate themselves against the periodic emotional backlash against Malaysians whenever incidents like these occur. They would also alleviate a lot of unnecessary suffering and do both countries a service by lessening the friction that periodically arises.

So why isn’t any one doing it?

Malaysia Condemns Maid Attack

Sept 22 (AFP) — Malaysia has condemned the abuse of Indonesian maids
after a 26-year-old woman was raped and scalded, in an attempt to
quell rising anger over the issue.

In June last year Indonesia barred domestic workers going to Malaysia
after a series of incidents of shocking mistreatment.

In the latest case last week Malaysian police arrested a couple for
attacking their Indonesian maid with a hot iron and scalding water.
The husband is also accused of repeatedly raping the woman.

Advertisement: Story continues belowThe maid, from East Java, was
rescued by a passerby after her employers, a 41-year-old building
contractor and his wife, abandoned her at the roadside.

“The government of Malaysia strongly condemns all forms of abuse
against any worker, regardless of nationality or sector of
employment,” Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said in a statement.

“It is regretful this incident took place, despite repeated advice to
Malaysian employers of domestic workers,” he said, in a rare move that
signals the issue’s potential to further damage ties between the

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  1. I like your idea, also just like most countries around the world that have illegal and marginalized workers better protection is needed. When people feel they can’t go to the authorities these kind of horrific incidents will continue to happen.


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