It appears that the TimeOut franchise of entertainment magazine/website that makes money almost elsewhere in the world is not having a good time in Jakarta.

Reporters from the magazine, like refugees fleeing a blight, have been trying to seek employment asylums in some of Jakarta’s newspapers. Others wallow in unemployment. The cause of it, say people in the know, is a simple thing like non-payment of employee’s salaries.

A former TimeOut employee tells Unspun that the magazine’s owner, a foreigner who’s somehow connected to the TimeOut franchise in Beruit, hasn’t been one who regards paying people’s salary on time a matter if importance. Not least because he considers late payment fair pay back for late copies. With a busy traveling schedule he’s seldom in the office, especially around paytime, and as a result staff has had to sometimes do with up to two weeks of not being paid.

The source said that as a result most of the journalists and designers have left the publication, which was launched in jakarta in December, 2008. What’s left is a skeleton staff. Its not know what the fate of the publication will be but vibrant it certainly ain’t.