It’s been a while since Unspun was so incensed that he gave out a Shit-For-Brains award but Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring (The Twit’s tweep handle: @tifsembiring) has done it again.

While hundreds of people all over Indonesia are suffering from the effects of natural disasters  such as earthquakes and floods, the Minister with his pretentious I-am-a-Muslim goatee is waxing lyrical, quoting scripture that essentially says that natural disasters happen because God pisses down on the sinful.

For his latest transgression read here

The national embarrassment

This is the same man who uses Twitter to quote Hitler and make jokes about gays and AIDS. How SBY can tolerate such a nitwit in his Cabinet is a testimony to how wishy washy the President is.

But while rage and public ire cannot seem to dislodge the minister we have, thankfully, humor. The cartoon below, from Hidup Itu Indah by Aji Prasetyo and published by Cendana Art Media, that is circulating among Indonesian Tweeps, sure takes the piss out of the pompous fool (who, thankfully, won’t BTW be opening Pesta Blogger+ 2010 on Saturday):

Bravo Aji. (via @beradadisini, @ribosa)