RIP Tim Mapes

The last time I saw Tim was at the Paragon, in Singapore three or four years ago. He was recovering well from the treatment he was having there. He looked as if he had the Big C licked and I was very happy for him.

We parted and Tim eventually went to Brussels to edit for the Wall Street Journal. We stayed in touch a little through Facebook and an email or two but otherwise we got on with our lives.

Now I hear he has passed on and I remember how accessible and unpretentious he was when a correspondent in Jakarta. He was a great reporter and writer and he was so easy to get on with. Then he had that huge migrane and they found a tumor on his forehead…Farewell Tim.

This is a notification to JFCC members sent today

Dear All,

I am writing to pass on a note from the family of Tim Mapes, who fought a long and courageous battle against a particularly aggressive cancer. He was a distinguished Reporter and Editor for the Journal around the world, notably in Asia and Europe.

In the tough trade of journalism, he was an unusually generous spirit whose professional standards were high and whose dignity was undiminished to the last. His parents sent the words below to his friends and colleagues at Dow Jones

Robert Thomson

We’re very sorry to tell you that Tim died this morning in his home in London.

It was a sudden decline without much pain, and ended with a peaceful death in his bed. His girlfriend, Annie Jolis, and we were with him during his last night.

There will be a small memorial gathering for his friends in London soon. We haven’t had time to work out details but will let you know.

Glynn and Elizabeth Mapes

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