Forbes list of Indonesia’s 40 richest in 2010

Forbes Indonesia is apparently set to unveil its list of Indonesia’s 40 richest today, according to Tribune News. Here are the names. How many of them made their money with dignity and how many had to step on people to get there?

  1. R Budi & Michael Hartono US$11 billion
  2. Susilo Wonowidjojo US$8 billion
  3. Eka Tjipta Widjaja US$6 billion
  4. Martua Sitorus US$3,2 billion
  5. Anthoni Salim US$3 billion
  6. Sri Prakash Lohia US$2,65 billion
  7. Low Tuck Kwong US$2,6 billion
  8. Peter Sondakh US$2,3 billion
  9. Putra Sampoerna US$2,3 billion
  10. Aburizal Bakrie US$2,1 billion
  11. Kiki Barki US$1,7 billion
  12. Eddy William Katuari US$1,65 billion
  13. Edwin Soeryadjaya US$1,6 billion
  14. Boenjamin Setiawan US$1,5 billion
  15. Garibaldi Thohir US$1,45 billion
  16. Sukanto Tanoto US$1,4 billion
  17. Theodore Rachmat US$1,35 billion
  18. Chairul Tanjung US$1,25 billion
  19. Murdaya Poo US$1,15 billion
  20. Ciliandra Fangiono US$1,1 billion
  21. Benny Subianto US$1,05 billion
  22. Arifin dan Hilmi Panigoro US$985 million
  23. Sjamsul Nursalim US$850 million
  24. Agus Lasmono Suwikatmono US$845 million
  25. Kartini Muljadi US$840 million
  26. Tahir US$805 million
  27. Sandiaga Uno US$795 million
  28. Mochtar Riady US$730 million
  29. Ciputra US$725 million
  30. Hashim Djojohadikusumo US$680 million
  31. Harjo Sutanto US$350 million
  32. Trihatma Haliman US$600 million
  33. Hary Tanoesudibjo US$595 million
  34. Kusnan dan Rusdi Kirana US$580 million
  35. Wiwoho Baduki Tokronegoro US$575 million
  36. Engki Wibowo dan Jenny Quantero US$560 million
  37. Husain Djojonegoro US$545 million
  38. Eka Tjandranegara US$525 million
  39. Sutanto Djuhar US$490 million
  40. Prajogo Pangestu US$455 million

2 thoughts on “Forbes list of Indonesia’s 40 richest in 2010

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  1. It’s Indonesia – so I’ll have to choose option B (stepping on people).

    Case in point:

    #1) clove cigarettes and palm oil plantations
    #2) clove cigarettes and palm oil plantations
    #3) palm oil plantations
    #4) palm oil plantations

    and so on. Palm oil plantations to destroy Indonesia’s forests, clove cigarettes to destroy Indonesian people’s bodies.

    Low Tuck Kwong sounds like he may be redeemable though.


  2. Stepping on people? Come realistic..oil palm plantation are vry much on helping need mney..they need we hv rspo,iscc n lot more that ensure we oil palm people minimize damages to envrnment.


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