Remembering Munir

If human rights campaigner Munir had lived he would be 45 today. Unfortunately he was poisoned in a conspiracy that certainly involved highly placed Government officials but whom have not been brought to justice till this day, six after his death.

Lest Munir and his cause be forgotten, Dian Paramita is organizing an event tonight at Es Teler 77 Resto at Jl. Adityawarman where she will auction off 45 limited edition #MengenangMunir T-shirts and use the proceeds to make more Munir T shirts for workers to wear. Spicing up the occasion are @GlennFredly and @pandji, among others.

For more details on the event, that starts at 6.30pm today, go to Dian’s blog or to Es Teler Facebook 77’s event page. Es Teler 77 is also donating 10% of tonight’s sales at their Adityawarman outlet to making more Munir T Shirts.

(Disclosure: Unspun’s firm works with Es Teler 77  for social media programs)

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