Survey: Have a web strategy if you want to get on to traditional media in Indonesia

Early this year the Mavericks asked themselves a question: “How would Indonesian journalists prefer to be contacted in such a connected world?” In the old days, if you had a press conference or were pitching a story you either faxed them or called them on the phone. Then there came email and SMS. Today we also have, on top of these channels YM, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Koprol…to get in touch. So what’s their preference?

Everyone had a hunch, but no one knew for certain.

The idea, however, grew and soon we were talking about conducting a Technographics survey of Indonesian journalists, to find out how they use and consume social media. So we hooked up with the Research Center of the London School of PR and conducted a survey of Indonesian journalists. We sent out invites to journalists in 141 media houses and used Survey Monkey. A total of 320 journalists responded to the questionnaires.

The results did not surprise those attuned to social media developments and journalists in Indonesia but it confirmed many hunches. The bottom line is that Indonesian journalists are an extremely plugged in lot where social media is concerned and if you are a business or a PR practitioner who hope to have continued (traditional) media coverage, you’d better have a Web strategy and be part of the journalists’ social media networks or be out in the cold.

Some of the results of the survey:

  • almost all of the respondents (96.1 percent) said they logged in to the Internet every day, the others varied between once every three and five days
  • 71 percent aid they used the internet as a source of story ideas and tipoffs
  • 39.3 percent said they would repost their stories that appeared in their publications onto their own blogs
  • Most of the journalists (70.3 percent) run blogs with 23.3 percent going to the trouble of having self-hosted blogs
  • 72.1percent said they daily visited social network sites such as facebook, Friendster and Multiply
  • 95.4 percent of respondents said they had facebook account
  • 56.6 percent aid they had a Twitter account (a number that probably has increased since September when we completed the survey)
  • Almost all journalists aid that they trawled the Net for information of news tipoffs through news portals, email (88 percent), social networks (72.3 percent), mailing lists (61.2 percent) Instant Messenger (61 percent), corporate websites (51.4 percent), mocroblogs such as Plurk and Twitter (39.7 percent), blogs (37.3 percent) and online forums such as Kaskus and (31.4 percent)

For more information, read the article by Ndorokakung below in Tempo. You could always contact us as well.

Jurnalis Suka Mengintip Jurnalis Lain


2010 | Wicaksono | BlogKomentar [3]

Jurnalis dan Internet ibarat ikan dan air. Keduanya nyaris tak terpisahkan. Bagi wartawan, tiada hari tanpa berselancar di mayantara. Dalam survei yang dilakukan oleh Research Center London School of Public Relations dan Maverick, terungkap 96,1 persen jurnalis mengakses Internet setiap hari, 2,3 persen 3 hari sekali, dan hanya 1,6 persen 5 hari sekali.

Hasil survei itu diumumkan Rabu lalu. Survei dilakukan pada Juni-September 2010 dengan jumlah responden 320 jurnalis dari 141 media di seluruh Indonesia. Ini adalah survei pertama tentang pola aktivitas wartawan Indonesia dalam menggunakan Internet dan jejaring sosial. Hasil survei tersebut penting bagi industri, terutama kalangan perhumasan dan pemasar, juga semua pihak yang ingin mengetahui hubungan antara wartawan dan Internet.

Apa saja yang dilakukan jurnalis di Internet? Sebanyak 93 persen responden membaca dan mengirim e-mail, mencari informasi/berita/referensi tentang pekerjaan (91,5 persen), bersosialisasi (87,2 persen), mencari info untuk keperluan pribadi (76,1 persen), memonitor kegiatan media atau wartawan media lain 75,4 persen, iseng dan mengisi waktu 51,1 persen, bermain game 17,6 persen, serta berbelanja 3,6 persen.

via Jurnalis Suka Mengintip Jurnalis Lain : Blog Tempo Interaktif.

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