Loco Loco over Poco Poco in Malaysia

Here’s another Malaysian that’s inspired another shit-for-brains tag in this blog. The Poco-Poco dance is as harmless as you can get and Unspun’s known many a woman who has danced it and not turned into some depraved nymphomaniac or cultist.

Where do these clerics get such ideas that the Poco Poco is cultist? And Christian influences? The Koran itself has Christian influences. Where do these inbred clerics get the notion that the Faith is so weak that some jiggling of the body will lead them down the road of temptation and damnation?

Shit for brains is the only plausible answer.

Malaysia clerics ban ‘poco-poco’ dance for Muslims

– Fri Apr 1, 1:30 am ET

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Islamic clerics in a Malaysian state want Muslims to avoid a popular dance they claim has Christian influences.

The “poco-poco” is a line dance that is common at social events in Muslim-majority Malaysia. It is widely thought to have originated in Indonesia.

Islamic scholars in Malaysia’s Perak state say they believe the “poco-poco” is traditionally a Christian dance and that its steps make the sign of the cross.

State cleric Harussani Idris Zakaria said Friday the scholars have issued an edict forbidding the dance. It is not clear if other states will ban it.

Some Muslims insist the ban is unnecessary. Malaysian clerics have also banned yoga for Muslims and barred girls from behaving like tomboys, but the edicts are not legally binding.

via Malaysia clerics ban ‘poco-poco’ dance for Muslims – Yahoo! News.

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  1. This is just a simple comment over “loco loco…”. First, this is a national issue and the reason why this matter is brought up to the national level is because this is something serious, what ever is a muslim-claiming mammal doing reflects the muslim world. now, for the records about you statement “shit-for-brain” (this phrase shouln’t be poster by a logico-professional person). If the clerics have decipher it to have originated in the christianity, then what would be the problem to eradicate it. secondly, one thing is for sure, that the Qur’an has originated from nothing but from God’s words. what you are trying to claim is the bible, the bible (injil) is a muslim scripture at the time of Jesus (peace be upon him). It is of Islamic Doctrines. This book has been stereotyped as christindom book after alternations and corruptions of its messages were done those ancient clerics that you know.

    Stil apology if this hurts anybody. The intention here is clean.


  2. Yes, shit for brains for relying only on 1 source.
    Try to make an attempt to read other sources for the explanation.
    Your comment ‘….not turned into some depraved nymphomaniac or cultist’ is most intriguing.
    Does it mean that Hindu’s should eat beef as others are able to eat and not getting any problem? And Muslim should also eat pork for that matter? And Balinese should not have Nyepi?
    There’s always a reason when it comes to religion and it has to be read properly before any comment is warranted…..


    1. @Farid. It’s not like the dance was proscribed by Islam, but by one unbalanced religious wallah in outback Malaysia. But let’s indulge your questions with what ifs.

      So what if Hindus ate beef and Moslems ate pork? I’ve known many friends born into the faith yet indulging in beef or pork. Yet they don’t seem any less religiously piteously than their ritualistic brethren. If anything they seem closer to God or the Godhead because they do not blindly adhere to dogma.

      So relax bro. There are idiots in all religions and that mufti with nothing better to do than to view poco poco through cabal tinted glasses is one of them


  3. if the muslims want to ban poco poco, what’s the fuss with non-muslims? anyhow, a state fatwa does not bind anyone outside the state, so if you happen to poco poco on the train from KL to Penang, stop doing it when you pass Perak, and continue with it after you left the silver state and poco poco till you drop in Penang!

    poco on, senor poncho, mucho gracias!


  4. is it true poco-poco dance is a dance that forbidden for Muslims? According to I’m poco-poco dance is a dance originally from Indonesia and Indonesian culture are still many who are always patented by malaysia. Although Malaysia is always patented by foreigners will always know that Indonesian culture has unique characteristics and which are seldom found in other countries. The foreign tourist will always know whom it belongs?


  5. this is ridiculous…though the dance itself is originated from North Sulawesi (if I’m not mistaken) dominated by Christians, people from other parts of Indonesia (who’re muslims) love it… So when Indonesians don’t bother to complain that its another cultural products used in Malaysia, it’s Malaysians (the mufti) who want to ban it…


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