Mixed up about the law on mixed marriages?


If you are in a mixed marriage in Indonesia you would probably have heard that the government has changed the law to allow foreign spouses and children to qualify for permanent residency in Indonesia. But, as in all things in Indonesia, is it as straight forward as that?

The Masyarakat Perkawinan Campuran Indonesia group (PerCa Indonesia) is organizing a gathering for those interested to learn more about the new legislation.  It’s also, according to PerCa Chairperson Rulita Anggraini, an opportunity to meet other mixed marriage families and friends.

Sounds like an educational and possibly fun event. Unspun plans to be there, crises notwithstanding.Here’s the flyer and details:



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Crivenica says:

    Sine I can’t come, share what you’ll learn ya, Ong.


  2. Crivenica says:

    That’s “since” btw. Typing with one hand 🙂


  3. unspun says:

    har har


  4. Tikno says:

    A good output for welcoming 2011.


  5. Joe D'cruz says:

    Ong, just saw this and did not attend – would have been very informative. Could you post some details?


  6. unspun says:

    Hey Joe, will do so later.


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