And then we are nine

Unspun’s working on this theory that time gets shorter the older we get. That must be the reason why it seems like only yesterday when my partner Lita and I set up Maverick. We were so financially conservative those days that apart from borrowed chairs and folding tables I slept on the upstairs room of the office for six months, to save money just in case we needed to pump more money into our fledgling venture.

But things have turned out fine and we now have a small but growing concern, with lots of happy colleagues and clients.

Starting off nine years ago…






Celebrating our ninth birthday

Nine years ago today, we set up shop as Maverick with six staff members, borrowed folding tables and chairs and email addresses. It was a rush job because one of our clients insisted we meet the June deadline as they were fed up with their PR firm and wanted us to service them.

The rest, as they say, was history. It was history at a gallop from Day #1 though, and within six months, thanks to a huge, high-profile Litigation PR case, we had broken even.

A succession of clients and projects followed. Some of the memorable projects included taking a team of 25 people, led by Mavericks, to Aceh to man the Press Center for the one-year anniversary of the Asian Tsunami in 2005; others included having the privilege of handling the PR around visits of some famous names such as Bill Gates and Sally Krawcheck; and we managed to have a lot of intense “fun” managing some of the highest profile litigation and crises cases in Indonesia.

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  1. *officially shocked seeing the picture of young Ong*

    OH MY GOD. You really look like one of Hong Kong’s godfathers XD *diterjunin ke jurang*

    Congratulations Ong, mbak Lita and all Mavericks! 😀


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