Karachi-bound for Pakistan’t 1st International Social Media Summit

Serendipitous things happen to Unspun. There he was unspinning things one fine day when out of the blue comes an invitation to attend Pakistan’s 1st International Social Media Summit in Karachi, slotted for this Friday and Saturday.

Unspun knows a little bit about social media in Indonesia but Karachi? Pakistan? let alone social media use there? Hardly anything. Which makes life interesting and that’s the reason why, shortly after midnight tonight Unspun will be on a plane together with the other Indonesian invitees Hanny Kusumawati (@beradadisini) and Anandita Puspitasari (@nonadita) to Dubai and then on to Karachi.

The summit is being organized by PC World Pakistan and the coordinator for this event is Rabia Garib, the Editor-in-Chief of Publication, Online and Event for IDG, that owns PC World Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and CIO Afghanistan. The sponsors are Intel, Newsweek Pakistan, Raffles Systems (Apple Pakistan authorized reseller), U.S. Consulate Karachi and IDG.

About 150 people will be attending the event which promises to be exciting. Friday will see a bit of welcoming and networking but on Saturday there’ll be a series of talks and discussions. Yours truly will be sharing some examples of Indonesians who have managed to make some money or even an entire livelihood through the Net in a discussion on Monetizing You Social Media Space. Hanny will be speaking on the session on Women and Social Activism and Nonadita will be on the panel of speakers on Women and Social Activism in the New Media Era.

Another speaker from outside Pakistan is Rebecca T. Chiao, Co-Founder and Director of HarassMap, a volunteer initiative that combines mobile and internet technology and community activism to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt.

Apart from that Unspun understands that the program is evolving but promises to be a great learning experience for us from this part of the world who are quite strangers to Pakistan and its social mediaverse.

And yes, we hope to live Tweet some or most of the event, assuming, of course that there is wi fi and/or an affordable short term mobile phone plan. The hashtags that the organizers have decided on for the event are: #smspk and #pakistan.

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  1. fake event with fake people…Rabia Garib organized sugar-coated event which was nothing just so called social media experts. most of the simply bloggers and CIO tagged them social media experts…lolzzzz


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