Asset reduction

They say that anything less than a handful is poverty but anything more than a handful is wasteful.

Malinda Dee, who enthralled titillated Indonesian audiences with tales of her adroit juggling of assets not too long ago is now behind bars and in reduced circumstances.

Malinda Undergoes Surgery to Remove Breasts

Doctors have operated to remove the breasts of high-profile banking fraud suspect Inong Malinda Dee after finding a benign tumor.

“It turns out that doctors discovered a benign tumor in Malinda Dee’s breasts,” Vivi Buntaran, Malinda’s friend, told on Wednesday.

Vivi said that Malinda was in a better condition than before she was operated on, with the medical waiting for her wounds to heal.

“Her condition is good, but she cannot leave the hospital just yet,” Vivi said.

Vivi was yet to visit Malinda in hospital and had only been communicating with her friend by phone.

Doctors were forced to remove Malinda’s breasts because liquid silicon, injected to enlarge her breasts, had fused with the breast glands, making it impossible to separate the two.

Malinda underwent six-hour surgery at Siloam Hospital  to remove her breasts. She will remain in hospital for two more weeks while she recovers.

The former Citibank relationship manager, 47, was accused in March of embezzling millions of dollars from wealthy clients.

via Malinda Undergoes Surgery to Remove Breasts | The Jakarta Globe.

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