There are some intriguing questions that spin through Unspun’s mind when reading the story below from The Jakarta Globe:

  1. What exactly was in the minds of the conservative Global Ikhwan members when they speak of “submission” and “whoring” in bed with your husbands?
  2. What is their definition of “whoring”? Does it involve chains, leather and whips if the hubby so wishes? Or rubber suits? Mustn’t forget rubber suits.
  3. Do the men have to pay their wives at the end of the session, just to complete the whoring experience?
  4. Since the same people who are embracing the Obdient Wives Club were the same ones who tried to start the Polygamy Club in Indonesia, does this mean that they subscribe to group whoring, known in some circles as group sex? Or is a man confined to whore with only one slut of a wife at one time?
  5. Apart from the submissive bullshit, is “whoring” as the wife such a bad thing? Many men would like that though.
  6. Would this screw men’s brains as being the dumber of the genders they usually perceive women as madonnas, whom they marry, or as whores whom they screw? Would that contribute to a higher rate of divorce, especially to the more religious and stereotypical males?
Ah, so many questions and Unspun can go on for ever and ever…unfortunately She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed calls. The bath is ready and Unspun’s getting the tap end of the bath again (OK quick the more literary of you readers, where’s the reference from?).
An Obedient Hubby’s Club anyone?
(One wonders what Ms E, author of the fabulous and though provoking The Wisdom of Whores, has to say about all this?)

Wives Club’s Jakarta Entry Rubs Minister The Wrong Way

The women’s empowerment minister has chafed at the recent launch of the Obedient Wives Club’s Jakarta chapter, calling the controversial group’s latest move a “setback for Indonesia.”

Linda Gumelar said she disagreed with the club’s aim to teach women to be submissive and to keep their husbands happy in bed could help cure social ills like prostitution and divorce.

“This is a huge setback for both women and men because asking wives to be whores is really not the right thing to do,” Linda said on Friday.

“If men think that their wives’ job is only to be whores for them, why don’t they just marry whores? How come they only think about sex? Marriage is about commitment and responsibility, it’s so much more than just sex,” she said.

The club was founded by the conservative Islamic group Global Ikhwan in Malaysia, and is believed to have branches in Jordan, Thailand and Singapore.

The Jakarta branch was launched last week in a ceremony attended by 50 women and their husbands. Local membership has since swelled to 300 members, according to reports.

However, the state minister said there was nothing she could do about the group because the country guaranteed freedom of expression.

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