Chutzpah Marketing

Remember the self-styled master of Word-of-Mouth marketing Sumardy Ma who got buried in a welter of brickbats and was the subject of Police questioning after he sent meter-long coffins to media houses and individuals in Jakarta back on June 6?

Lesser marketers would have hunkered down and wait for time to lay on a patina of amnesia before crawling out of the trenches but not Sumardy, who has refashioned himself as Sumardy Coffin in his Facebook page.

Unrepentant, even defiant, of the incident that would have devastated his career. What is one to make of this marketer?

via @shillach



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  1. No matter how much we disliked his coffin stunt, there will always be people who think he is edgy and “out there”, thus willingly employ his services. Only time will tell whether the coffin incident has brought him success or failure.

    BTW, have anyone heard how Tung Desem Waringin is faring these days? I’ve never heard anything about him after his money rain stunt 3 years ago.


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