Impressions of Seville and Madrid

Sometimes the opportunity to travel pops out of nowhere. Unspun was going out his usual business when out of the blue an invite came from Airbus Military, our new client, to visit their facilities in Seville and Madrid. Airbus Military is the part of Airbus that manufactures planes for military and civilian uses like search and rescue and humanitarian aid.

So off trooped Unspun, with the missus joining in to Spain. It was glorious weather in the week or so that we were there (the actual Trade Media Briefing took two days but we went before and stayed after to enjoy a bit of Spain.

One of the first things the eyes feasts on is how much larger design plays in the lives of Europeans. At Madrid’s Barajas airport Unspun thought the ceiling was something worthwhile looking up to:

At Seville there was a rather cubist tree in front of its main bank:

But the great thing there was how the light played with the robust colors of buildings

But of course if you’re in Seville you’ve got to go to the flamenco and this is some of what we saw:

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