Justice goofed is justice denied

The Keystone Cops couldn’t do any better. The Indonesian Justice Minister, according to The Jakarta Globe story below,  wants to nab Nazaruddin, but he doesn’t want him to know about it and refuses to divulge where they think Nazaruddin is. And then he tells the national press that when team will be leaving?

Now let me get this right. In effect the Justice Minister is saying to Nazaruddin: “We know where you’re hiding now and we’re sending a team to nab you tonight. But because I won’t tell anyone where you’re holed up in, you’ll be lulled into a false sense of security and won’t bolt from wherever you are right now (that we know but you don’t know that we know because we haven’t told you).”

Yeah, right. Patrialis wins a shit-for-brains tag for this excellent feat of enforcement.Is it any wonder that they just can’t quite bring him to book.

Justice Minister Employs Team to Nab Nazaruddin

Makassar. Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar has announced that a team from his ministry is leaving for an undisclosed location to track down fugitive graft suspect Muhammad Nazaruddin.

“The team will leave tonight,” the minister said on Tuesday. “But the destination will not be revealed because it is feared he will escape again.”

He also declined to say how many people were in the team, only revealing that it included representatives from his ministry, the immigration office and the National Police.

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