Raconteur picks up another award for Maverick

I’m so proud of my colleagues at Raconteur who picked up yet another award for Maverick last week.

Who says PR can’t be creative?

The Year of The Raconteurs!

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This year looks like an especially favorable one for Raconteur!

Earlier this year, the story tellers were celebrating awards to two of our social media clients: US Embassy Jakarta and AXIS, that received awards from MIX magazine on their effectiveness in using social media. We were so humbled and proud for becoming a part of it—and we recounted those days when we were working on the two winning projects with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

The US Embassy Jakarta won a Silver Award in Image and Reputation Building category with the program “Berbagi Indonesia: A Campaign to Welcome President Obama”. This social media campaign netted the embassy with more than 70,000 new fans in its Facebook Page within  2 weeks, and exponentially increased the engagement level with its audiences in other social media platforms as well. Our other client, AXIS, won a Silver Award in the Marketing PR category with its “AXIS Menang Bareng” campaign, which succeeded in helping AXIS increase consumers’ usage of its mobile packages and attracted hundreds of new customers.

A few days ago, we were pleasantly surprised with the news that we have won another award—this time from a client.

Each year, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk holds the “Sampoerna Supplier Awards” to recognize the work and contribution given by their more than 3,000 suppliers. The suppliers comprise advertising agencies, PR consultancies, event organizers, among others. This year they created a new category of awards—the Value Creation Ideas Award, to recognize their partners who had come up with the best idea that would add value to PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, either in terms of increasing productivity, increasing quality, lowering costs, lowering wastes, improving safety, or increasing its corporate image.


We submitted two ideas involving the use of communications technology in customer relations and direct communications that they apparently found very useful and awarded it to Maverick, as Raconteur’s parent company.

We think that this award would nicely round up Raconteur’s year for 2011—except that one of our projects have also been selected as a finalist in the SABRE Awards in Singapore on Thursday night! Now if thing go well, that would be the perfect ending for the year for us

Wait for more stories that we will be able to tell in 2012.

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