ASEAN Bloggers Declaration: And Bali makes two

Exciting to see bloggers from around the region getting enthusiastic about declarations. The latest declaration was yesterday at the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit.

This would be the second declaration for ASEAN bloggers that Unspun’s known about, and in the same year too: the first one was at the First Malaysia-ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference in Kuala Lumpur in April. How they effect each other is anybody’s guess.

It will be an exciting day for us in the region when these Declarations take effect as social media will then be recognized as being important to the region, bloggers will be honored and we will all be of One Vision, One Identity and One Community.

For an interesting and frank take on the Bali declaration of the ASEAN Blogger Community see Anton Nawalapatra’s posting here.

Other takes on the declaration are:

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1. We, the ASEAN bloggers, gathered in Bali, on 16th November 2011, aligned with the 19th ASEAN Summit, acknowledge the role and contributions of social media for the establishment of ASEAN Community 2015.

2. We, the ASEAN bloggers, aspire to seek the freedom of expressions among us as enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3. We, the ASEAN bloggers, in the spirit of partnership and solidarity among the family of people from ASEAN countries, independent of political influence, are determined to use social media in the development of ASEAN’s political, economic, and social-cultural potentials with the aim to promote understanding among ASEAN people.

4. We, the ASEAN bloggers, are determined to develop cooperation in all fields under ASEAN’s One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.

5. We, the ASEAN bloggers, are committed to ethical and positive demeanor, respectful of the rights of authors attached to articles, photos, and videos, and other creative products.

6. We, the ASEAN bloggers commit to:

a. Declare the 16th November as the ASEAN Bloggers’ Day.

b. Develop communication platforms, both at the national and the sub-regional levels, taking into account the interest of people participation in the rural areas of ASEAN countries.

c. Organize future activities to encourage closer contact among bloggers.

d. Mandate the Indonesian ASEAN Blogger Community President to coordinate and communicate to all their counterparts from ASEAN countries regarding development and progress achieved in accordance with the Declaration.

7. We, the ASEAN bloggers, encourage all bloggers to join our efforts in making this Declaration a reality.

8 thoughts on “ASEAN Bloggers Declaration: And Bali makes two

Add yours

  1. Only if you promise to wear funny hats, use secret handshakes and know the super secret ASEAN password (hint: its not “durian”, “golf” or “endless meetings”)


    1. @Iman: A forthright and honest answer to the points Anton brought up. This perhaps opens up the question of whether Declarations are the way to go for blogger gatherings, due to the nature of the independent and disparate nature of bloggers that make an claims at representation difficult, and the fact that any truly, meaningful declaration would need at least weeks if not months of careful deliberation before honing down on the ideas and the language.

      Then there is a question of what do you do with a Declaration once it is passed. The Kuala Lumpur Declaration came and went with no visible signs of having changed anything. What effect do you think the Bali Declaration would have?


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