Mitt Romney: US moved Indonesia toward modernity in the 1960s. Yeah, right.

Educated Americans, that minor part of the US’s population that holds a passport and use them to travel abroad and learn a thing or two about other lands, must be so embarassed by their Republican Presidential candidates.

Check out, for example, Romney’s claim that the US helped Indonesia to move toward modernity in the 1960s. The prospect of Romney getting into the White House is only a shade less scary than Bakrie entering the Istana.

Extract from In debate, Romney says handle Pakistan like Indonesia in the 1960s –

He and the other candidates were asked how they’d deal with Pakistan as president. It’s a tough, important question. Pakistan is a nuclear power that the US sends billions of dollars in aid to, yet works against the American war effort in Afghanistan and appeared to harbor Osama bin Laden.

His answer? “We don’t want to just pull up stakes and get out of town after the enormous output we’ve just made for the region. Look at Indonesia in the ’60s. We helped them move toward modernity. We need to help bring Pakistan into the 21st century, or the 20th for that matter. Right now American approval in Pakistan is 12 percent. We’re not doing a very good job with that investment. We could do better by encouraging the opportunities of the West.”


3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: US moved Indonesia toward modernity in the 1960s. Yeah, right.

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  1. Politics often is a cynic world. Geo-politics usually is in the super-league of cynicism. But to apparently regard the ’65 one million people killed as collateral damage, calls for a new concept.


  2. Romney claims US helped Indonesia into modernity during the 1960s. Tthe CIA paid Indonesian coup leaders to stage a false flag fake counter-coup, that is the coup leaders spread false rumors that communists were going to launch a coup as a pretext for their own coup, and after the coup 500,000 suspected communists were massacred. If that’s Romney’s idea of modernity, I say no thanks and Romney is not qualified to be president.


  3. Don’t forget the “experiment” that Indonesia engineered in East Timor from 1974 to 1999. It invaded the former Portuguese colony to liberate it so that 100,000 natives would die. Gee, Mitt, you need help!


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