Southeast Asian Bloggers heading to Jakarta for ON|OFF event tomorrow

ON|OFF, the event formerly known as Pesta Blogger, will be hosting bloggers from nine of the 10 ASEAN member countries tomorrow.

The event, which would be held at Epicentrum walk is expected to attract between 1,000 and 1,500 participants made up of bloggers, social media users, celebrities, fashion designers entrepreneurs, writers and dozens of communities.

ON|OFF is an evolution from Pesta Blogger the largest annual gathering of Indonesian bloggers and other special media users which has been running since 2007. This year the organizing committee decided to change its name to ON|OFF in a nod to fact that there are now more social media platforms than just blogging for people to express themselves.

The other reason for the ON|OFF name is that the organizers want to bring together players who are predominantly offline with players who are predominantly online. The theme for this event is Ideas meet Opportunities so in a way its an experiment of what would happen when you bring smart, energetic and creative people and businesses who are mainly offline with their counterparts who are online.

Apart from that it is a bit of an offline carnival and celebration of people who often meet, debate, discuss, support and cross swords online.

The bloggers from Southeast Asia have been invited to share and exchange their experiences and perspectives about blogging and social media use in their countries. Its a great opportunity for Indonesian bloggers to learn more about their neighboring counterparts and vice versa.

The only invited blogger who could not attend was from Myanmar, not because of any restrictions but because he wanted to blog about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historic visit to that country.

Below is a list of the bloggers who are representing their countries tomorrow:

Muhamad Reeda Malik | Brunei Darussalam | Http://


Reeda is the founder and Manager of #Brunei Channel on an Internet Relay Chat Network called the Undernet, which is one of the largest real-time chat networks in the world, with approximately 45 servers connecting over 35 countries and serving more than 100,000 people weekly. He is also founder of, a popular Bruneian photoblog with social commentary on the current events related to Brunei Darussalam and Bruneians both at home and abroad. Contributing writer from Brunei Darussalam for cnet Asia technology blog, Kurapak Teknologi.


Kounila Keo | Cambodia |  Http://

Kounila is a graduate of Media & Communication at the Department of Media & Communication at Royal University of Phnom Penh. She has been freelancing for Agence France Presse and

some international media publications since 2008. So far, she has attended workshops and conferences on traditional and new media in Asia and Europe. When she does not write, Kounila blogs prolifically about Cambodia at New media is her newly-found passion.


Iman Usman |Indonesia | Http://

Iman is a 2nd year student of Universitas Indonesia majoring International Relations. His passion in social activism and community development takes him to lead Indonesian Future Leaders and Youth Parliament Indonesia. In his spare time, he also actively contributes to promote ASEAN Community as ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassador. In the beginning of 2011, his blog was named as the 1st winner of Microsoft Bloggership 2011 Competition, and he is invited to New York as one of Recipients of Global Teen Leaders 2011 by We Are Family Foundation.


Sounay Phothisane |Laos | Http://

Sounay is a website design freelancer who loves to dedicate his time and effort on building websites, blogging, and utilizing social media for the Lao community. Besides being a temporally employed specialist lecturing in Mahasarakham Business School in Thailand, he has contributed to his talents by promoting Laos to the social online community. He has published websites relating to Laos and its rich culture,


Marcus van Geyzel | Malaysia | Http:// is the only community blawg in the known universe. In 2006, Lord Bobo Barnabus, the Wonder Typewriting Monkey, mind-controlled several homo sapiens with the Lord’s awesome powers of telepathy and got them to start LoyarBurok, to provide a forum for everyone with an interest in anything and who do not wish to take themselves too seriously – to pontificate (with their tongues firmly lodged in their cheek) on frivolous issues such as those concerning the state of the world, human rights, government, legal profession, judicial system; and to to create awareness and activism on issues of concern such as to help redress violations of human and animal rights, and to seek improvements in the way they order and structure their lives. Continuing their quest for world domination, there are now more than 300 LoyarBurok writers from around the world, steered by more than 20 faithful editorial MastHead minions. LoyarBurok has also birthed on-the-ground activities, advocating human rights and justice.


Flow Galindez | Philippines | Http://

Flow is a blogger and a proud advocate of UN World Food Programme, WFP’s Philippine Connector and advocates causes like climate change and HIV/ AIDS awareness, education, child and women’s rights. He blogs about various topics, such as advocacy, entertainment, events, lifestyle, news, tech and gadgets, movies and theaters and foodie stuff.

Zheng “William” Wei | Singapore | Http://


William is the online editor / Assistant Vice President for Zaobao – the largest Singapore-based Chinese-language newspaper. In 1994, the newspaper launched its online version,, and today it serves a a news portal that also draws news from other parts of the region. William developed this online news portal even more, increasing its pageviews more than 5 times since he took over, and brought Zaobao to win “Best Print Media Website” for 3 consecutive years.


Arthit Suriyawongkul | Thailand | Http://

He’s an avid blogger from Thailand, and is very active in promoting freedom of expression, and creative commons in Thailand’s social media sphere. He is a Pedestrian-in-Residence at Opendream, Coordinator for Thai Netizen Network and also a board member of Creative Commons Thailand that works in providing licenses for creative works on the internet.  He’s working in the areas of ICT for developments, internet freedom, journalism, and information rights. Right now he’s approaching his final year as a graduate anthropology student. Traveling regularly in Southeast Asia.


Tai Tran | Vietnam | Http://

Tai blogs about finance, investment, fund management as that is his passion. He has three-years experience as Business Consultant and Analyst. He’s also a Funds Management postgraduate with top score and scholarship. Possesses solid domain knowledge of Technology. He has been blogging about his area of expertise since 2002.

via The Bloggers – SE Asian Bloggers.

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