Who are the Malaysians behind the company allegedly responsible for 30 killings?

Any Malaysian readers can help identify who the Malaysians are behind PT Pilva Inhutani? (So far there are two versions of the name, the other is Silva Inhutani)

If they are guilty of the crimes alleged then they should be swiftly brought to book for it.

via IPW wants Malaysians probed in Lampung deaths | The Jakarta Post.

A police watchdog wants the government to investigate the involvement of Malaysian-based PT Pilva Inhutani in the killing of 30 residents of in Mesuji, Lampung in 2003.

Neta S. Pane, chairman of the Indonesian Police Watch, said the government should take firm actions against any Malaysian investors in indonesia who broke the law, tempo.co reported.

Malaysian palm oil investors in Kalimantan might also be involved in the slaughter of orangutans, he alleged.

Lampung residents presented their allegations about the brutal killings of 20 people in Mesuji to the House of Representatives’ Commission III overseeing human rights on Wednesday.

Thirty people were killed in 2003 after violence erupted when PT Silva Inhutani took the residents’ land to plant rubber and oil palm plantations.

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