Great balls of fury: when human rights slips off the tracks

Indonesia’s national train company Keretapi Api Indonesia is crazy to hang concrete balls as a deterrent to those stealing illegal rides on the roof of its carriages.

Crazier, in fact more rabid than them, however, is the rights watchdog Komnas HAM (National Commission on Human Rights). Here’s why.

The story below is from today’s front page in The Jakarta Globe. It quotes Komnas HAM spokesperson seemingly defending the rights of children by condemning KSI’s move. His reasoning is that students have a right to going to school safely. KAI’s installation of concrete balls could fatally harm children who habitually ride illegally on the roofs of trains. Ergo, KAI is violating the rights of children.

What poppycock! If Komnas HAM was truly concerned about children rathe than displaying their great balls of fury, they would ensure that students had a proper place in the trains. Perhaps pressure KAI to allocate a space or seats for students.

But that is apparently beyond the Komnas HAM. It’s easier for them to criticize KAI and jump on the rights bandwagon. This is a disservice to the students and the intelligence of any thinking person.

Train Roof-Rider Deterrent Could Be Fatal: Rights Group
Mary Anugrah Rasita | January 18, 2012

A rights watchdog has criticized the state railway company for its installation of potentially deadly hanging concrete balls over train tracks to prevent roof surfers.

Yosep Adi Prasetyo, a spokesman for the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), said the move by Kereta Api Indonesia to install concrete balls hanging from wires would lead to violations of human rights as the balls had the potential to kill.

“Picture this: If a student has to take the train, he or she would face the threat of being killed by the concrete balls,” he said.

“Now his right to get to school safely is simply violated.”

KAI has repeatedly tried to discourage people from the dangerous practice of riding on the roof of trains. It has threatened measures such as fines and detentions, dousing roof riders with colored water and smearing grease on the roof

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  1. i’ve read on foreign online news

    one thing makes me laugh was…
    orang yang naik diatas kereta = train surfer
    olahraga ter ekstrem = train surfing..

    surely, train surfing were the most extreme sport nowadays…


  2. KAI should changes concrete ball with the candy ball or cereal ball, so then students can take breakfast while he /she play train surfing…


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