Air Golf: Air Guitar sans music

There was a time when Unspun was a golfer. It is a great game but Unspun’s nonetheless gave it up. The reason? Golf is great but golfers are often insufferable.

Take this morning for instance. Unspun was at the gym at the break of dawn doing battle with the Flab when in comes this hulking Australian to do some workout. In between sets of weights, however, he would look at himself in the mirror and practice his golf swings with all the seriousness of someone about to play at St Andrew’s.




Why is it that golf is the only game where the players practice their swings unabashedly in public? What’s so special about the game that strips otherwise sensible persons from the capacity of self-realization? What magical sway doe sit hold over them that they do not know how ridiculous they look to others with the Air Golf maneuvers? It all looks like Air Guitar with the music turned off.

But what intrigues Unspun is why  is it only golf that produces such absurd behavior. We do not see tennis players, football players, swimmers or runners, or basket ball players, or billiards players get into a reverie, take leave of their senses and start practicing their moves in public? So why golfers?

This is one of the mysteries of life for me. Anyone care to enlighten us on this phenomenon?

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