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  1. dinindreswari says:

    Like this, pak! Everyone should be dare to reject them. In my opinion, none of their actions are justified. And as a moslem, frankly i say that i feel ashamed for them.


  2. wongiseng says:

    I think this is a fine example of psychological projection, reporting others of what these thugs habitually do.


  3. Hmm, i think we must talk each other than fight


    1. unspun says:

      Kurniawan: I don’t think so. The voice of reason is no something that organizations like the FPI understands.

      I’ve been reading Gene Sharp’s From Dictatorship to Democracy and it seems that the best way to engage the FPI is to first weaken it’s sources of power and strength. Only then would it be ready to compromise. Not before.

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  4. colson says:

    Bullies are sissies :).


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