Watch the watches

Unspun some time ago marveled at the timepiece, that looked like a Richard Mille, worn by then Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri when he was denying corruption charges against the police.

Time passed (you can see the puns coming in this posting, can’t you?) and recently Indonesia’s lawmakers were taken to task for their sporting of Rolex watches, expensive but obviously not in the same league as the Police Chief.

Here’s a report from Indonesia today on the latest slap on the wrist:


TUESDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2012 19:21
JAKARTA, Indonesia Today – Public discussed intensely about luxurious lifestyle of Indonesian lawmakers. The discussion was triggered by confessions of several lawmakers wearing Rolex, a luxurious branded watch.

Ruhut Sitompul, lawmaker from President SBY’s Demokrat Party, has confessed that he already used Rolex watch with price tag of Rp450 million. According to Ruhut, he bought Rolex Yacht Master II when he served as a lawyer in 2007. Ruhut believed that there are many lawmakers wearing Rolex like him. “If lawmakers wear it (Rolex), it’s appropriate,” said Ruhut this morning (Feb 28).

Anis Matta, PKS lawmaker, also admitted that he wears Rolex he bought around 4-5 years ago for Rp70 million. “It’s more about functions. Rolex watch is only an accessory, not a hobby,” said Anis, who is also deputy House Speaker.

Golkar lawmaker, Bambang Soesatyo, who is famous for riding Bentley, however, admitted of wearing only US$1,000 watches.

What people say about Lawmakers with Rolex. Here are some comments of them:

“That’s why its name is DPR = Dewan Perwakilan Rolex (read: House of Rolex Representatives),” said one reader jokingly.

“It’s only diverting public attention from corruption issues,” said another reader reminded.

“Bloody Bastard you corruptors,” told another reader angrily.

“It’s impossible if they bought it with their salaries,” one twitter account accused.

“How pathetic!” another twitter account protested.

“Okay it’s your rights, but that’s not wise,” another twitter account complained.

“Rolex?! It’s elegant, really?! I think the lawmakers do not know about Louis Moinet and Bell & Ross,” another twitter account jokingly suggested.

“I bet they never heard of Hublot! Hahaa,”  said another twitter account.

It’s not the first time public have criticized lawmaker’s luxurious lifestyle. Public previously criticized lawmakers for their luxurious cars. (

What is it with Indonesian officials and politicians and the need to flaunt their wealth that they would never make if they earned only an honest salary? Time after time, they show off their ill gotten and with seemingly impunity. Why has no government agency investigated them for carrying so much money on their wrists?

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