R.I.P. Ditta Amahorseya

Update: Ditta’s wake will be at the IES Church, 9th Fl UOB Building, Jl. Thamrin at 6pm this Wednesday

I’ve known Ditta since my days at Ogilvy PR when we won the Citibank account, way back in 1998. Since then, I’ve worked together with her on and off for the past 15 years.

When I started up Maverick with my partner in 2002 Ditta and another Citibanker were instrumental in getting Citibank to become our first client. It was a professional relationship that would last until last year.

Even then we remained friends and fellow professionals in Public Relations. We also had one more thing in common – both of us were heart patients, although what Ditta had to go through made my quadruple bypass seemed like a walk in the park.

What I liked most about Ditta was that inspire of the congenital health problems she had she faced it courageously and openly and lived life to the full. In conversations she would be telling you about the movies she just saw, the plays and concerts she attended and the friends she went out with. As anyone who knew her can attest, she had many, many friends from all strata of society. Going out with her was like being with a celebrity or a queen waving incessantly to her subjects.

Ditta was open to trying out new things too and at one time I convinced her to try her hand at blogging. As she, by her own admission, was technically inept, I had to set up her blog for her, that she called Dittaville. She wrote a few posts, but soon got busy with other things.

At the same time she would also be completely open and candid about her health problems. The last time we met was at The Pad in SCBD, where she ordered a cheese soufflé and a steak – because her doctors kept telling her that she needed the nourishment for her blood. She also described the procedures that she would have to undergo in New York.

When we parted, I wished her well for her operation. That was the last time I saw her. Now I hear she did not make it through her operation because of internal bleeding.

I and the team at Maverick who worked with her will miss her. As a client she could be strict and demanding but she was always fair and understanding. She was more like a partner to us than a client and for many years we took pride in helping her build Citibank’s image in Indonesia.

Ditta is now no more. We at Maverick mourn her passing, but we take comfort in that she knew how to live life to the full, even when faced with the difficulties imposed by her health. You couldn’t ask more out of life that Ditta did, and for that we admire her and wish her well in the next journey.

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  1. I was there Ong. Her 6th heart surgery was considered successful, even in that morning, the outlook is still positive, but it was her irreplaceable artery near trachea that suddenly went bleeding.
    Her wake will take place this morning at 10 in New York, 9 pm Jakarta time, then she will be cremated as requested by her. She wants to go back to the sea, that is her love.


  2. Thank you for writing this post, Ong.
    Ditta has been like a ‘capital D’ in the ‘Dots’ that somehow connected many (& I mean MANY of us). I’ve known her personally way back when she was still studying in Boston. Professionally, through my work for Kelola, Ditta has been very supportive –as you, and many friends have, too. On Wednesday, I’ll have to miss the wake for a good reason: for the second year, Kelola will receive a philanthropic contribution from the proceeds of the FSI IndoEquity Peka Fund, of which Ditta was one of the Philanthropic committee on behalf of Citi. Ditta was also instrumental in endorsing Biyan to support Kelola through his annual fashion shows for the past 4 years.
    Ars longa, vita brevis. Ditta’s life was short (but well-lived), and through her passionate belief, the arts shall live. We all miss Ditta dearly. Bless her soul.


  3. kebaikan dan jejak yg baik akan selalu dikenang keluarga, sahabat dan juga rekan rekan kerja.. , sungguh bangga melihat ketegaran dan kekuatan seorang ditta..


  4. Ditta, whenever we met..you always had many good things to learn from you..It’s unforgettable.. Good Bye, Ditta.. may you rest in peace in our Father in Heaven’s home .


  5. Ditta, I will never forget what you said two days before you left for New York..”I AM READY”.. It meant so much to us during our dinner that time, but it meant many things if I think back. Your courage and positive attitude are what I learned from you ever since. I’m so proud of you..


  6. Hi, I am an old classmate friend of Ditta since Boston days. Lost touch with Ditta a few years ago and I have often thought about her. I am most sorry to hear about her demise. She has always been exuberant in her love for life and I shall carry her memories with me.


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