How much do you love Brand Bakrie?

A brand, as we all know, is the manifestation of the brand promise, a reflection of the brand’s values and a mirror to its acceptance by the market.

Now, how much more electable is Golkar when associated with the Bakrie brand? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy or elicits violent reactions from your bile?

Unspun has no answers and so would like to solicit answers from the readers in this simple quiz.



Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie speaks during the opening of a party meeting in Jakarta in February. (Antara Photo)

Golkar Lawmakers to Spend Rp 10m Each on Bakrie-Branded Campaign Merch. | The Jakarta Globe.

Golkar Party lawmakers will have to spend Rp 10 million ($1,090) each on merchandise emblazoned with party chairman Aburizal Bakrie’s face as part of his 2014 presidential campaign, a party member said on Monday.

The purchase — which is mandatory for party members — is proof of politicians’ loyalty to the party, Golkar Party lawmaker Bambang Soesatyo said.

“We all support this move… We’re even ready to give more than Rp 10 million,” he added.

The packages– each consisting of 1,000 bags and banners — will be distributed to electoral districts in the coming weeks, explained Nurul Arifin, another party lawmaker.

Nurul said that party members were happy to purchase the goods.

“It is mandatory [to purchase] it. But, members basically don’t mind because it is part of our contribution to the party,” Nurul said.

The merchandise is part of efforts to drum up early support for the business tycoon’s 2014 presidential bid, she added.


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