Roy Suryo strikes again: this time as sex tape expert

Unspun is ever in awe of the multi-talented Roy Suryo, telematics expert, House member and generally expert at anything hinting of technology that his huge intellectual capacity and his ego can encompass.

His latest feat of expertise was taxed when he was called to verify if a the image in the likeness of a Parliamentarian was actually the Parliamentarian (see story below).

Roy’s response? The woman on tape looks like the woman in photos given to him; the man on tape couldn’t e verified because he had only received screen grabs from the video instead of actual photos to compare with.

Now, Unspun wonders how much Roy charges for this expert “analysis,” leading to such startling conclusions?



House Commission I member Roy Suryo said he was almost certain that the woman in the tape was a House Commission IX member with the initials K.M.N. Roy made the conclusion after comparing photos of the woman with screenshots from the tape. “It’s hard to deny it, although I can’t say 100 percent that the [woman] is K.M.N. after I compared it with her photos,” Roy said after submitting his analysis to the Ethics Council. Roy said he could not identify the man in the video because he only received photos from the tape and had not seen the tape. To avoid a conflict of interest, Roy asked the Ethics Council to find other telematics experts to analyze the photos and tape. “As a House member, I should avoid conflicts of interest and politicization [of the case] because no matter what I say, I would be accused of having a vested interest since the two lawmakers are from different factions than mine,” the Democratic Party politician said.

via Indonesian Sex Tape Will Go to Ethics Council as Lawmaker Says Likeness ‘Hard to Deny’ | The Jakarta Globe.

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