The Jakarta Globe mounts a defensive commentary on its Lady Gaga editorial

Thank God and the FPI for democracy. Because of them the Jakarta Globe could show its true colors on where it sits where freedom of speech and taking a strong stand on sensitive issues are concerned.

Today it took an unusual step in penning a commentary on its controversial Lady Gaga editorial that resulted in a groundswell of protests.

Unspun thinks The Globe’s feisty defense today is healthy in the promotion of free speech, and would be even healthier if it also explained the logic behind the following sentences in the editorial: “It is not about how she dresses, which is needlessly provocative, but about what she sings and the lyrics of her songs. It is about the lack of morality in what she represents.”

Enjoy the editorial.

8 thoughts on “The Jakarta Globe mounts a defensive commentary on its Lady Gaga editorial

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  1. To late , All over & was a large eye opening to what your country is about. Would never visit your country as huge disgraceful behaviour. The only love I feel is for all the little monsters who’s rights were selfishly ignored by your Government & Thugs. Looking real good Indonesia “Not”!


  2. Indonesia has become one of the forms of democracy and democracy is one of them is the freedom to speak out on issues about Lady Gaga
    I hope may not lead to anarchy and remain safe and orderly


  3. many a strange rules in Indonesia when a local artist in Indonesia also looks a little bare, but the government did not respond, but lady gaga looks the same, why can not perform in Indonesia


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