The boy was wrong, the busdriver should not be blamed

What nonsense the debate over whether the bus driver was speeding or the boy was in the wrong. The boy was in a lane dedicated for busses and where no other traffic is allowed, lest something like this happens.

Yet the police and others would pontificate over who’s wrong. The question should be what’s wrong and the answer is simple: the Police have not bothered to enforce the law forbidding motorists to enter the bus lane. Ask the question how many summonses have they issued to offenders and the answer for this sad state .of affairs becomes very clear.

Transjakarta Bus Hits 13-Year-Old on Motorcycle

A 13-year-old boy was seriously injured after he was hit by a TransJakarta bus on Sunday, highlighting the lax enforcement in keeping the capital’s dedicated busway lanes free of traffic and pedestrians.

Tuti, a witness, said the incident took place at 10 a.m. in front of Central Jakarta’s Hotel Grand Cempaka. “The little boy was riding his motorcycle and got hit from behind,” she said.

Adj. Comr. Antoni Wijaya, from the Central Jakarta Police traffic accident unit, said the boy suffered a serious head injury and was rushed to Cempaka Putih Islamic Hospital.

“The bus was driven by Kusdiharto, 61,” the officer said.

“According to the driver, the bus was empty and about to fill up at the refueling station in East Jakarta.”

Police are investigating whether the boy was riding in the dedicated busway lane, which would constitute a traffic violation, or if the bus driver, who witnesses said was driving speedily, was at fault.

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