Crisis management enthusiasts: follow the Samsung crisis

Dealing with bloggers is not an easy task as they form a category of influencers. Misdealing with them invites a business crisis.

This story has been going viral among the online category, making Samsung look like an absolute shmuck for mistreating bloggers.


And to add insult to injury, Nokia has leaped into the fray as a white knight to help the blogger stranded by Samsung. See the link here.

Unless Samsung acts decisively and contains the situation soon, more horror stories of Samsung’s behavior like this one will surface and garher momentum, forcing the company into a crisis situation that could see it losing missions of dollars and a huge dent to its reputation.

So get your popcorn, relax and sit back to enjoy the show.

2 thoughts on “Crisis management enthusiasts: follow the Samsung crisis

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  1. And in the end Samsung apologizes for miscommunication while the Indian blogger gets blamed for “being a shill”? (…or for failing to recognize that Samsung’s India reps wants ‘shills’ instead of ‘reporter-bloggers’..?)

    (I’m reflecting on this after having read PandoDaily, Licious, Gizmodo, TechCrunch etc.) (No I don’t have all the facts obviously…)


    1. @f_fz: Another interesting and worthwhile take on the Samsung fracas here. There is an unhealthy relationship going on but everyone, it seems, usually has too much vested interests to question it closely.


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