BMW Used During Minister’s Son Car Accident Not Listed in Wealth Report | The Jakarta Globe

Several thoughts arise from this case:

1. Will anything ever come from the allegation that Chief Economics Minister concealed ownership of his son’s BMW in his wealth report. The way things go in Indonesia this act, which can lead to impeachment in other countries, woudl blow over.

2. Are the Indonesian Police always so understanding and accommodating that they would allow any alleged offender who’s been declared a suspect to seek treatment wherever they wish?

3. Hatta Rajasa responded well initially by almost immediately apologising to the victim’s family and visiting them. But did he slip up a bit when warding his son in a VVIP suite? The VVIP status will only attract critics. If he had warded him in a less prestigious room in the hospital could he reap less criticism?

4. Is Rasyid Rajasa somehow a victim in all this. Not of any mob justice against a scion of the Priviledged Class so much but a victim of dodgy parenting? What happens in the minds of kids when, at aged 22, they get to drive luxurious BMW cars and gets showered with god knows what other luxuries that money can buy. Do children like that grow up normal, in realising that they have responsibilities and obligations or with a sense of entitlement that has little bearing in reality?

BMW Used During Minister’s Son Car Accident Not Listed in Wealth Report | The Jakarta Globe

Journalists take pictures on Wednesday of a BMW SUV driven by Muhammad Rasyid Amrullah, 22, the son of Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa, after it hit a Daihatsu Luxio minivan on the Jagorawi toll road, south of Jakarta, early Tuesday morning. Two of the minivan passengers were killed in the accident. (JG Photo/Safir Makki)M. Rasyid Amrullah Rajasa, right, poses along with the First Family, not pictured, and Hatta Rajasa, second left, in a photo taken after the birth of President Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoA luxury BMW SUV that was being driven by the son of Chief Economics Minister Hatta Rajasa during a recent fatal road accident was not listed in the official’s latest wealth report, a document revealed on Thursday.

A copy of the wealth report filed by the minister on July 27 of last year did not include the BMW, and under “movable assets,” which includes transportation vehicles, the word “none” had been inscribed.

According to the report, Hatta’s wealth was estimated to be valued at Rp 16.9 billion, of which immovable assets, including lands in Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung and Palembang, accounted for Rp 13.8 billion.

Hatta’s youngest son, M. Rasyid Amrullah Rajasa, 22, was driving the luxury car when he rammed it into the back of a Daihatsu Luxio minivan that was operating as an illegal public transportation vehicle on the Jagorawi toll road on Tuesday morning. Two passengers in the minivan died, namely a 14-month-old baby boy named Raihan and a 57-year-old man named Harun.

On Thursday, Rasyid was reported to be suffering from psychiatric problems. Abdul Haris, an internist at the Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) in South Jakarta where Rasyid was admitted hours after the accident on Tuesday, said the patient was admitted after suffering from a stomach ache, a headache and nausea. He was also complaining about vomiting.

It is not yet known when Rasyid will be discharged from the hospital.

The RSPP medical administrative head, Indra Maulana, said Rasyid’s physical health was now stable, though he still needed to be monitored for his psychiatric problems.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said on Thursday that it was unclear whether Rasyid, who tested negative for alcohol and drug use, would be put under detention.

“Not all those with the status of suspect are immediately detained. Leave it to the legal process. As to when he may be detained, this comes under the authority of the investigators. Let us wait,” Rikwanto said.


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