Roy the Boy now a minister

Its amazing where chutzpah can get you these days in Indonesia.

We are told bu the newspapers today that Roy Suryo, a self-professed telemathics expert has now been appointed by President Susily Bambang Yudhoho to be the new Sports Minister to replace disgraced Andi Mallarengeng.

Unspun’s theory is that Roy was chosen to fill in the spot because he has a moustache. His predecessor also sported a moustache. SBY has a predeliction for moustachoid Sports Ministers.
Sounds ridiculous, you say?

Well, it may sound like an out of the world explanation but it is not more ridiculous than any other possible alternative explanations when you consider how Roy the Bpy rose to prominence, or notoriety, dependijng on your perspective.

He was a relative unknown until he began using evey opportunity at publicity to display his prowress in telemathics, his alleged field of expertise. That was fine inthe old days when the telephone was still widely used and the mobile phone was a relatively new thing.

When that avenue of punditry became dated Roy reinvented himself to be an expert on anything that hinted at technology. All of a sudden he was an expert in social media, the internet, sms messages and even in the verification of pornographic photos.

You got to give the man credit though. e was relentless and shameless in promoting himself as an expert for all seasons. And how comes his reward, a stint as Sports Minister.

What went on in SBY’s mind in considering Roy as a Sports Minister? Does SBY have a mind? All troubling questions but we can rest in the confort of knowing that whatever problems that SBY faces Roy will be on hand to lend his expertise.

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