Old men in power and rape

What is it with old men in power and rape? Why is it so difficult for them to understand that the fact that rape is violence, where the raper violates the rights of the victim to assert their power over them?

Rape can happen to anyone. To men, to women, regardless of how they behave and dress, or where they hang out. It often caused, not by the victim “asking for it” but by the rapist not giving a flying f about another person’s rights or humanity.

Yet we have these men, such as Indonesia’s candidate for a Supreme Court justice and Mumbai’s Police Commissioner putting the blame one everything and everyone but the perpetrators themselves.

What gives? Why do these seemingly educated men think this way? Do they not have mothers, sisters and daughters who are vulnerable to rape? Would they blame their women relatives if some rapists were to violate them?

Unspun thinks that the proper response is to lock these men up in prison, throw away the key and subject them to gang rapes. And then mock them if they complain. Perhaps such treatment would inject some empathy into their worthless selves?

Would-be judge would go easy on rapists | The Jakarta Post

Menuntut Komisi III Gagalkan Daming Jadi Hakim Agung MA

A candidate Supreme Court justice told members of the House of Representatives that some rape cases might involve consensual sex and require more lenient sentences.

“Both the victims of rape and the rapist might have enjoyed their intercourse together, so we should think twice before handing down the death penalty,” Daning Sususi told lawmakers on House Commission III on law and human rights on Monday.

While rape carries a maximum penalty of 12 years’ imprisonment under Indonesian law, Daning might have been referring to recent cases involving rape and murder.

Daming’s comments were greeted with laughter from lawmakers overseeing his “fit-and-proper” hearing.

Democratic Party lawmaker Himmatul Aliya Setiawati, for example, she had no problems with Daming.

“He has met the criteria from the answers he gave us. Other factions have said that they won’t vote for him, but we will look at his overall score,” Himmatul told reporters.

However, lawmaker Pramono Anung Wibowo from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) said that his party would vote to reject Daming, a career judge from Banjarmasin, East Kalimantan.

This is not the first time, a public official made a statement which blames the victims of rape.

Last year, Former Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo advised women against wearing provocative clothes while riding public transportation in order to avoid being raped.

His statement came after recent gang rape cases on public minivans, including the rape of a Binus University student who was subsequently killed.

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Sex education leads to more crimes against women, says Mumbai police chief – Indian Express

FPMumbai Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh Monday said sex education would only make matters worse as far as crime against women is concerned as there is a higher rate of such crime in countries which have sex education in their curriculum.

“Sex education needs to be carefully thought out. Look at America. It has sex education as part of its curriculum, but students are simply being taught about how to have intercourse,” Singh said at a discussion on women’s safety organised by Loksatta, the Marathi daily of the The Indian Express group. “According to a survey, rape is more common than smoking there. Countries with sex education in their curriculum only have an increased number of crimes against women.”

Singh said a strong emphasis on moral education is needed. “Sexual violence is more psychological than physical. This is because people today have a polluted mentality,” he said, attributing it to the lack of moral education in schools in particular.

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