Come rain come shine, Marty is unflappably dandy

Unspun’s always envied the sartorially gifted. From primary school till even today Unspun’s struggled to look presentable and failing every time and is totally jealous of those who can manage to look cool and composed even in the most trying of circumstances.

Hence Unspun’s always admired those guys who could wear a leather jacket, or a polo neck sweater in Indonesia’s heat and still look cool. Unspun would have dehydrated if he tried anything like that.

No fan of leather jackets, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalagewa is one of those  on the top of Unpun’s envy list. He always looks impeccable, as in the photo below where event the president looks like some hoi polloi in the middle of a flood. The Foreign Minister, however, manages to be in suit and tie and looking smart even with his trousers rolled. All very smart, but is it proper attire when one’s President’s official residence is in danger of becoming the next Atlantis?



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