Why Unspun endorses Speaker Marsuki’s claim that all men want more wives

The prudish and politically correct among us may squirm and get sanctimonous, but as a real Alpha-male Unspun must declare that House Speaker Marsuki Alie is definitely right all men would like to have more wives.

Unspun, for instance, would like eight and here are the reasons why:

1. In between work, fighting the traffic jam, spending time with Wife #1 and son, training the dog and atteempts at photography, reading newspapers and books and feeding Unspun’s face for three meals a day, Unspun has too much time on his hands. You know what they say, and idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop and He manufactures libido.

2. In my 50s Unsun is still young and virile. So virile that his needs must be satisfied with one wife each night of the week, plus one more wife just in case. All those rumors about middle aged people being less vital are nonsense, of course. there is nothing that Viagra can’t fix.

3. You know all those irritating people who brag via status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Forget them! With eight wives the bragging rights Unspun would have are ginormous, especially among the low life like politicians and religious clerics who’s brains are below their waists and whose idea of the ultimate good time is to shag a 19-year old university student. Unspun would be the lightning rod of all envy.

4. Unspun thrives on challenges. Having experienced the challenges of coping with one wife. Unspun is now well rehearsed for greater challenges. With eight wives to manage, Unspun will have his hands full. Unspun would, of course, have to change jobs under the weight of such onerous duties. Perhaps Unspun will be a politician or a DPR member, or even the Speaker, because in those jobs you don’t really need to do much apart from brag about your libido and make off colour jokes. Unspun would be the toast of the town with his store of off coloyr and mysogynistic jokes!

5. One more thing….oh oh She Who Must Be Obeyed calls…Unspun will have to sign off now….

House Speaker Marzuki Says All Men Want More Wives

House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie said on Thursday that every man would like to have more than one wife if they could, just like outgoing deputy House speaker Anis Matta.

“As a man, I have to be honest,” Marzuki said. “All men want it, the desire to practice polygamy exists, but [men] don’t have the courage to do it. Probably because [they are] afraid of their wife, children and impact on their work.”

Marzuki was laughing when he made the comment as part of his farewell remarks to Anis, who resigned from his position as deputy House speaker on economic affairs, after he was appointed as the new chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

“We were a solid team except we haven’t agreed on polygamy,” Anis told the other deputy chairman, prompting others to laugh.

After congratulating Anis on his new position, Marzuki said that he would miss him.

“All this time we have had the same chemistry in leading the House of Representatives, we believe each other and we understand each other,” Marzuki said. “We haven’t agreed on polygamy, but there has been understandings towards it.”

Anis was appointed as the new PKS chairman after the former president, Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq, resigned after he was detained by the Corruption Eradication Commission for his alleged involvement in a beef import graft case


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