Eat, Pray, Get Discriminated?

Unspun’s agnostic about religion, but cares about discrimination in any form. So when the makers of this film wrote to help them publicise their efforts, Unspun heartily agreed.

The subject matter is intriguing: What did the early Christians in Hindu-steeped Bali experience in propagating their faith?  From the title of the project it seems that they experienced discrimination, but in what form and of what severity?

Regardless of your religious persuasion Unspun thinks that this is a project worth paying some attention to so here’s what here’s one of the filmmakers Makrai Balazs wrote to Unspun. Enjoy.

Discrimi‑Nation Project expands the horizon of the classical documentary style and the way we think about social discrimination.

The first episode explores the struggle and rise of Christianity in Bali.

To make this unique project reality we NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate a few dollars on our crowd funding site:

The project is closing to its finish line: we have got just 1 WEEK LEFT!
For further information please visit our website and check our trailer video:


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