Indonesia’s best lawyers?

When you are in a pickle, as in a commercial dispute, or in a real pickle when the local partner “criminalises” the case by filing a police report over a fictitious charge to force you to setle, who do you call?

According to the obsessiively named magazine Men’s Obsession these are the guys. Glad to see that some of those even on the front page have been media trained by Unspun sometime before.

Why would these hotshot lawyers need media training? Simple. They have the skills to argue their case in a court of law with judges presiding; but different skills are needed when you’re arguing in a court of public opinion, with journalists presiding. Ultimtely the judges are the primary audience, but there are two routes to persuade them, if you can’t or won’t resort to the more “traditional” route.

So are these lawyers the best?


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