A challenge to agencies to really place people before profits

Unspun remains to be amazed by the thundrous silence from advertising agencies about the work culture that glorifies working hard at the expense of working smart.

There’s some overlap from my last posting but here’s my take on associate creative director Geet Harris’ call for change in the advertising industry, as posted in the Maverick Blog.

Mita Diran’s death and Geets Harris’ call to agencies

The tragic and untimely death of Y&R Indonesia copywriter Mita Diran earlier this week, from apparent overwork has stirred some deeply felt emotions and debate within the marketing communications community, particularly among creatives in advertising agencies.

Mita passed away Sunday night after working non-stop for three days running on a work-related project, consuming energy drinks along the way to keep her going. Her last tweet was a day or so before where she proudly boasted: “”30 hours of working and still going strooong.”

Since then many creative types and others have flooded the Y&R Indonesia Facebook Page with condolences, criticisms and anger. Some blamed the work culture of agencies for her death, other accused the international owners of the agency for placing importance only on the bottom line, others on the agency for gross and even criminal negligence.

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