With Malaysian Prime Minister Najib’s announcement that MH 370 had perished in the Indian Ocean, and with no contending evidence to suggest otherwise, situation is moving toward what Crisis Managers would consider the Closure stage.

It will take some time, as families come to terms with their loss and mourn their loved ones. The task is all the more difficult since there is no wreckage of MH370 to be found. Even the debris spotted by satellite has not been recovered and positively identified.

The Malaysian Government, helmed by Transport Minister, Hishamuddin has had a rough ride through the three weeks between the disappearance of MH370 and Najib’s announcement of the end of the plane’s journey. Their reputation is mostly in tatters. There is almost universal criticism of the way they handled the incident.

If you were advising the Malaysian Government, what would you advise they do to find closure on the issue?

Unspun has some thoughts but would like to hear other opinions weighing in.