Repent all ye skeptics: Gen. Moeldoko’s watch is a fake

Hush ye of little faith! The Indonesian Military does not indulge in corruption.

So all the skeptics who thought that Armed Forces Commander General Moeldoko was wearing a US$100,000 Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback – and therefore may be a bought man – were wrong!

The Military’s spokesperson has just revealed that the watch on the general’s wrist was actually a KW – an Indonesian term for a fake, that was bought in China. The General, apparently, has a fetish for fake watches.

(Just for interest: KW is an acronym for “kwaliti” in Indonesian. And fake goods are graded according to their quality of finishing, with KW1 being best and a degradation quality as the KW number gets larger. Then there is the super premium KW Ori, which stands for “original quality” which Unspun doesn’t really know what it means – maybe its original, factory outlet goods. Unfortunately Unspun is not a collector of KW watches).

Unspun’s said before that watches are usually a testament to the character of the wearer, so back to the same question: what does it say of the general?

Panglima TNI Hobi Koleksi Jam Palsu

Panglima TNI Hobi Koleksi Jam Palsu | -nasional- |

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Markas Besar Tentara Nasional Indonesia membantah berita media Singapura yang menyorot jam tangan mewah milik Panglima Jenderal Moeldoko. Kepala Pusat Penerangan Mabes TNI Mayor Jenderal Fuad Basya mengatakan jam tangan milik Panglima bermerek Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback adalah palsu.

“Jam tangan itu buatan Tiongkok, orang bilang jam ‘KW’,” kata Fuad saat dihubungi Tempo, Rabu, 23 April 2014. Bahkan Panglima Moeldoko disebut gemar mengkoleksi jam tangan ‘KW’ alias palsu bikinan Tiongkok.

Soal harga jam tangan yang ditaksir media Singapura sekitar Rp 1,1 miliar, Fuad tak bisa berkomentar. “Ya mungkin kalau yang asli harganya segitu.” (Baca: Arloji-arloji Mewah Moeldoko Versi Media Singapura)

Menurut Fuad, Panglima Moeldoko sendiri tak mau menanggapi tudingan miring berita media Singapura. Moeldoko juga enggan mengkaitkan berita jam tangan mewahnya dengan panas-dingin hubungan Indonesia-Singapura akibat penamaan kapal perang baru milik TNI, KRI Usman Harun. “Kami takutnya suuzon,” kata Fuad.

Menurut dia, Panglima TNI berencana menggelar jumpa pers dengan wartawan siang hari ini setelah membuka sidang Filindo, kerja sama militer Filipina dan Indonesia, di Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. Moeldoko hendak memamerkan jam tangan tersebut ke media.

Sebelumnya, media Singapura,, merilis berita tentang jam tangan mewah milik Moeldoko. Bahkan media tersebut menyebutkan Moeldoko sebagai kolektor jam tangan mewah beraneka merek.


7 thoughts on “Repent all ye skeptics: Gen. Moeldoko’s watch is a fake

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    1. Turn the table? Or, out of the frying pan into the fire? It is a lose-lose situation for him. If the watches are genuine, how can he afford so many expensive watches? If the watches are fakes, why is a 4-star general condoning counterfeits and telling the world that he is an admirer of fakes? Stealing intellectual properties is not innovation. It is theft pure and simple.


      1. That’s why I said it spoiled some good snacks on it. Theft it is, but hey, at least he’s only buying it and condoning it, not the one who stole the intellectual property.


  1. For 1 thing the RM is very shock resistant. You could throw it off a 5 storie building and it would shrug it off. Next note that he threw the watch 1 week after the initial news broke – and note that the watch doesn’t look identical on both occasions.


  2. general too rich to buy kw lol.. every general in indonesia have alot of money ! I can’t speak english well but.. try to telling the truth


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